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Past Yearbooks

Sarah Morgan Lake

Yearbook Sponsor


Want to be a part of history in the making?

Consider Yearbook as your elective for next year!

Keep an eye out for the Google Classroom code coming out in May!

6th graders going to 7th:

Yearbook would be your elective

7th graders going to 8th:

Remember you get 2 electives, so don’t let your love for band, choir, Spanish, etc. keep you away!

What do we do in Yearbook?

  • We create the yearbook, organize picture days, take pictures, and create and write the actual pages of the yearbook.
  • Yearbook is great if you are interested in graphic design, writing, or if you need a creative outlet!
  • Note: Yearbook is NOT photography club. If you are only wanting to take pictures, please find another elective. Taking pictures is an important but small part of the class.